Kidderminster & District Angling Association

River Severn - Bewdley

The famous KDAA Bewdley fishery has been an iconic destination for pleasure and match anglers for many years.



Bewdley has three sections – Hawkbatch (pegs 1-51) which is above Dowles Brook and only open to members, Dowles (pegs 52-72) which runs from Dowles Brook down to the town and Winterdyne (pegs 73-120) which runs from the town down to Ribbesford.

Variety of pegs

Pegs vary from fast, 3ft deep white water, excellent for barbel, chub and dace in the summer, to steady 4ft deep stretches – great for silver fish when the river is low and barbel when there’s water on, to even deeper, steadier water which is good for barbel all year round and for silver fish in the winter.


During the summer, pellet feeder tactics are best for barbel and big roach, while long whip, stick and waggler approaches produce lots of dace, perch and chub.

In the winter, pellet feeder and meat work well for barbel in coloured water but maggot feeder is best when the water is clear. Stick, waggler and bolo work well for roach, dace and chub in the colder months although long whip can also be very effective.


  • Members only at Hawkbatch (pegs 1-51)
  • No night fishing
  • No braid
  • No fires
  • All litter to be removed
  • No fish to be removed
  • Respect other anglers, river users and neighbours


Hawkbatch (Members only – key needed from Bewdley Tackle)

Approaching from Kidderminster cross the main river bridge in Bewdley and follow the road up and right around the church. Continue to follow the road as it bends right, through traffic lights, and then left, signposted to ‘Highley’, and past the pay and display car park on the right. After 1 mile, at a dip in the road where it crosses Dowles Brook, turn right into the left hand of two gates, dropping down into the KDAA car park. Walk down the track next to Dowles Brook to reach the main river.

Dowles (pay & display car park)

As per Hawkbatch but turn right into the pay and display car park, shortly after the traffic lights, parking at the furthest, top end. The water starts a short distance upstream.

Winterdyne – top (pay & display car park)

Approaching from Kidderminster cross the main river bridge and turn immediately left onto ‘Severnside South’. Follow this riverside road and then, at a junction, turn left into Gardner’s Meadow car park. The water starts at the top end of the carp park and runs downstream.

Winterdyne – bottom

As per Winterdyne – top but at the junction at the bottom of ‘Severnside South’ turn right up Lax Lane and left when it meets High Street. Follow the road for a mile, climbing a hill and dropping down underneath the Bewdley bypass and either turn almost immediately left into Blackstone Riverside Park (pegs 94-111) or continue a further 200 yards and park on the layby where the road meets the river (pegs 112-120).


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