Kidderminster & District Angling Association


The KDAA pool at Stone near Kidderminster is best described as charming with its lilly pads, tree-clad island, stock of traditional fish and 18 easily accessible pegs.


Easy access and characteristics

Grant funding from the Angling Trust in 2017 enabled a range of access improvements to be made including installation of a new flat path around the pool, new fishing platforms, including three larger all-ability platforms next to the car park, and better signage.

The whole pool is very shallow and it is not over stocked so if you want to catch 100lb the KDAA pool is probably not for you. However, if you want to catch a range of proper fish from an attractive, natural pool in a peaceful setting then look no further.


As you might expect for a traditional, natural venue the pool has plenty of tench, bream, roach, skimmers, perch and some stunning big crucians but it also has some proper big, hard fighting carp up to 20lbs.


Short pole with expander pellet and light micro pellet or fishmeal groundbait feed is good for the tench and crucians, whilst maggots, casters and worms fished on the pole or light waggler all work well for silver fish. Tench and crucians can also be targeted on bigger baits like bread flake and corn.

On the island pegs a small method or pellet feeder cast tight to the island with pellet or boilie hookbaits can be effective for tench, crucians, bream and carp.

To target the bigger carp focus on boilies with light pellet, broken boilie or fishmeal groundbait loose feed.


  • Keepnets and landing nets must be laid out on the bank for at least 15 minutes before use
  • No carp over 4lb in keepnets
  • No heavy baiting
  • No braid main line or lead core leaders
  • No fires
  • All litter to be removed inc cigarette butts
  • Barbless hooks only – maximum size 6
  • No fish to be harmed or remove
  • No parking on the farm track
  • Overnight fishing only by arrangement
  • Have regard for other anglers, neighbours and wildlife


Approaching from Kidderminster take the A448 towards Bromsgrove and Stone.  ¼ mile from the small island at Spennells turn right through a farm gate, opposite two large trees in the hedgerow. Follow the sandy track across the field to the pool and car park to the right. Please do not block the track.

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